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Overview of TFT-LCD modules
TFT-LCD module (LCM)
TFT-LCD panel
Driver IC
How the TFT-LCD works

How the TFT-LCD works

Light, usually LED, emitted from the backlight is linearly polarised by the first polariser. Voltage generated by the source (data) circuit of the driver IC enters the ITO layer through the TFT gateway. The gate circuit of the driver IC is responsible for opening the TFT gateway. When the gate control signal is turned on, the TFT gateway opens and voltage is able to travel through the TFT so that it is stored between the ITOs. Different voltage values trapped between the ITO layers cause the liquid crystal molecules to twist in different angles. This will further polarise the light that has already been linearly polarized by the first polariser. The light travels through the colour filter whereby primary colours are mixed to form the desired colour, and then when it goes through the second polariser, that light is modulated to produce a grayscale replicating the light intensity of the image. Each transistor forms a pixel of its own colour and a combination of pixels forms images on mobile phones.